Best Sunglasses for Men – The Shades that’ll bring the new you

Best Sunglasses for Men - The Trend Bytes

You don’t need a blazing sun to consume sunnies, but it’s definitely an inspiration. Since summer is just around the corner, it’s time for you to gear up yourself, and begin your search for the most rocking and best sunglasses for men around you that suits your personality, and give you a dashing look. Begin your search for the shades that’ll bring the new you, and you’ll enjoy the attention that everyone will provide you after wearing those shades.

Just To Say, Sunglasses consider as a small accessory which we all carry every day with us, but they become more important to us in summers. Sunglasses not only give us a dashing look that we all enjoy but also with this, they protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Latest Trend of Best Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses season has truly arrived, and as always, we are expecting the usual stock of shades, aviators to be filled up in the shops, but with this, there are some new shades also that we can go for, and we must be aware of them.

If we look at the past, we’ll realize that all the fashion that we are following today was followed at that time also by our elders, stars, and now they have again come back into fashion and trending this summer.

Whatever style we have, it’s not easy for us to pick up any shades, especially when we are bombarded with loads of choices around us. To baffle us, the market has come again with all the new pairs of shades, and in a wide variety, and in a wide range of colors that we’ll love to wear.

Another important thing, that we must be careful of, is that we should select shades according to our face cut. Everything doesn’t go with our look and personality that we carry.

Perfect Fit for you

With that in mind, here we’ve brought five trending styles for you that will suit you, and also the essential tips from the brands for you so that you can choose the right one for you.

For Round Face

The person with a rounded face cut has an equal width and height of a face, and also they have soft features and rounded jawline. Angular sunglasses will look good on these people and that too in dark color shades. Deep colors minimize the fullness, and gradient lenses help to elongate the face. Thicker frames will look good on them.

For Heart-Shaped Face

These people have a broad forehead and cheekbones with a tapered chin. To jell with this look for thin light metal or clear plastic sunglasses that have broader bottom halves such as aviator or angular shapes so that the width of the chin can be balanced. Never go for dark colors like black, as they tend to cut up the line of the face.

For An Oval Face

Though an oval faced shape is well balanced overall, it’s more in width than the length of a face. You can choose slightly square, teardrop lenses for you that will make you more charming than before and work as an additional in your look. Oversized lenses like Aviators will look great on you. Avoid Angular styles such as rectangular sunglasses, as they may narrow the face.

For A Square-Shaped Face

The features they are having is, a strong jaw-line with an equally broad forehead. The motto is to soften the defined lines, which can be done by selecting rounded styles and teardrop-shaped lenses. Metal frames will make the face appear softer, black or single-color frames looks good too. Don’t select a square or rectangular shape sunglasses as they draw attention to the angles, and your head might look shorter.

With this, now you all must be cleared in mind and know very well which type of sunglasses does jell with your look, and also you’ve got the answer, that everything doesn’t suit everyone.

Moving forward, Let’s know the latest trend of the Best Sunglasses for Men that you need to know-

Rounded Sunglasses

These have been known and popular right from the day they enter the market. The popular designs include the wayfarer and aviator style sunglasses. Just like we use Best Sunscreen to protect our face from UV Rays, in the same way we need Sunglasses to protect our eyes.

HIPPON UV Protected - Best Sunglasses for Men
Hipe Black Round Sunglasses- Best Sunglasses for Men
Hipe Black Round Sunglasses For Men
Gold Round Sunglasses- Best Sunglasses for Men
9 Five 50 50 Gold Round Sunglasses
Geometric Sunglasses

These Sunglasses come in all angles featuring an array of shapes from Octagon shaped, Hexagon shaped, Rounded Styles. Geometric Glasses give a unique touch in your look with oversized glasses and that too in small designs.

oversize rimless beveled- Best Sunglasses for Men
Oversize Rimless Beveled Gradient Lens
Thin metal frame - Best Sunglasses for Men
Thin Metal Frame
DIOR COLOR QUAKE Sunglasses- Best Sunglasses for Men
DIOR Color Quake
Colorful Sunglasses

With providing a fashionable look to you, they also help to protect your eyes by filtering all the harmful rays that can reach directly to you. They do so in different colors and that depends on the lens color. Some of them enhance colors you see, making them appear more vivid to you.

Ochila Blue Round - - Best Sunglasses for Men
Ochila Blue Round Sunglasses
dior sunglasses - Best Sunglasses for Men
DIOR Sunglasses
Round Retro- Best Sunglasses for Men
Round Retro
Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are characterized by dark, sometimes reflective lenses having an area two or three times of the area of the eyeball, and very thin steel or titanium metal frames with a double or triple bridge that pin more securely behind the ears. The large lenses are slightly convex.

aviator unisex orange lens- Best Sunglasses for Men
Aviator Unisex Orange Lens
Men Aviator Sunglasses- Best Sunglasses for Men
Men Aviator Sunglasses
Abster Classis Aviator- Best Sunglasses for Men
Abster Classis Aviator
Nineties Sunglasses

We are bringing back the 90’s fashion again in the trend as these are more appreciated by the youth in this era.

90's Cheap Narrow- Best Sunglasses for Men
90's Cheap Narrow Sunglasses
Leo's Frame New Season Look
Leo's Frame New Season Look
Trendy 90's- Best Sunglasses for Men
Trendy 90's Sunglasses

There you go, with all the latest styles and trends that you can look for and opt for the best one for you. Just like we use Best Reef Safe Sunscreen to protect our face from UV Rays, in the same way, we need Best Sunglasses to protect our eyes. Enhance your personality with these Best sunglasses for Men that we’ve recommended you above. 

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