Coolest Haircut for Cool Men’s Hair

Coolest Mens Hairstyle for Cool Mens Hair

Experiment with your hairstyle, not necessarily happen the way you want it to be. The hairstyle that suits your favorite hero doesn’t mean suits you as well, so you have to be a little careful while choosing a coolest haircut for you. 

The better approach to get the coolest hairstyle done for you is according to your face shape. The right stylish haircut can help emphasize your best facial features, but the wrong choice will throw a spotlight on all of your worst features. The haircut has the power to transform your appearance completely.

Getting a haircut that looks good on you can be a tricky task, but it can be simple if you get down some points that I will tell you in this article.

What’s My Face Shape?

Coolest Haircut - Face Shapes of Men

The first thing that you need to do is to consider your face shape. You have to see your face and head structure and accordingly decide the haircut that suits you. You need to focus on your face length, the width of the forehead, and the width of your cheekbones, jawline, chin. You’ll be able to figure out the right haircut for you after measuring the face dimensions that will tell you your actual face shape.

How do you know which Face Shape do you have?

Well figuring out the face shape can be a tricky job, and I know you must be thinking that who does it on a general basis, but this is important for the right haircut.

Let me tell you now, how to measure your face?
  1. Jawline: Measure horizontally from point to point at the corners of the jaw.
  2. Cheekbones: Measure across your cheekbones, from starting to ending at the pointiest part below the outer corner of each eye.
  3. Forehead: Measure across your face from the peak point of one eyebrow arch to the peak point of the opposite arch.
  4. Face Length: Measure the face from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Measure these points with a tape measure, note them and think about the ratios between them, and then accordingly refer the above images to figure out which face shape do you have. 

To do this process, just stand in front of the mirror and then outline it on the mirror with the erasable marker to get a clear understanding of your face shape. Pull your hair back with one hand if it’s long and outline your head. Make sure to keep your head as still as possible. Take a step back and look at it. After this, you will come to know about the face shape you have.

How to Choose the Right and Coolest Haircut for Your Face?

Now you know the face shape that you have, let’s talk about the cool haircuts that suit you according to your face.

Two Guidelines that you have to consider for this and they are-
1. Pick a haircut that will look like an oval face 

Regardless of your particular face shape, pick a hairstyle that will make your face looks like an oval. Though an oval faced shape is well balanced overall, it’s more in width than the length of a face. So, for example, if you have a rounded head, you should pick a haircut that will make your face look longer to get a more oval-looking face. If you have a triangle-shaped face, you should get a haircut that gives you more width at your forehead so it looks less pointy, and more rounded at the top.”

2. Take your beard into account  

You should consider your beard also while selecting a hairstyle because your beard can also add length or width to your face. For example, you have a rectangle-shaped face and you do a haircut with length plus a long beard will make your head even longer. So, beards can also help contour your face into that ideal oval shape.

With the above two general recommendations in mind, let’s dig into specific haircut recommendations for different face shapes. 

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Oval Shaped Men

Men who have an oval face can experiment with a different hairstyle as they look good in all hairstyles because they have a face cut that is proportionated in width and height.

Oval face shape allows you a wide variety of styles. Just remember one thing that never picks a style with bangs or heavy fringe. They’ll make your oval face look more round.

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Square Shaped Men

The features you are having is, a strong jaw-line with an equally broad forehead. You should go for a haircut with short, tight sides. Any bulk on the side will make your head look wider. The haircut that will give some height to your face to lengthen it, and give it a more oval look is French Crops and quiffs will. A pompadour with close sides will give you some height as well. 

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Round-Shaped Face

The person with a rounded face cut has an equal width and height of a face, and also they have soft features and rounded jawline. They should pick a hairstyle that gives some length to their face and should avoid bulk on the sides, as that just makes your head look round.

Cool Hairstyles like French crops, pompadours, quiffs, brush backs, and comb over will give height to your face. And if you keep the sides short, you can also create the illusion of angles in your face, giving you a more masculine appearance. 

Also with this, a long beard will elongate your face and make it look like you have a chin. Keep your bear long if you have a round face.

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Diamond-Shaped Face

Men with a diamond-shaped face have wide cheekbones, but the narrow jaw and brow lines. To get an oval looking face, you should get a haircut that will add width to your forehead. You have a face that has a pointy, narrow forehead head, and to reduce that you should get a haircut that adds some bulk there.

Best Man haircuts for you are fringe cut or a textured crop cut. Avoid haircut with short sides because that will emphasize the narrowness of your forehead.

If you combine a nice full beard length that expands the jawline of yours with this then it will give you a complete oval-shaped look.

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Rectangle-Shaped Face

You have to be careful with a few things because your face is longer than it is wide. You should avoid those hairstyles and beard styles that make your head more in height i.e. beaker effect.

You should try something that’s not too long on the top and not too short on the sides. Textured haircuts with a medium length on the top and the sides will be the best man hairstyle for you. Consider Fringe cut for you because that will add some width to your face. 

If you want to have a beard then keep it short, because a long beard will only make your face look skinnier.

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Triangle-Shaped Face

Triangular faces start with a wide jawline, narrow a bit at the cheekbones, and then narrow even more at the forehead.

To add volume and length on the sides to reduce the pointy look of your face, you should get a haircut like french crops, textured quiffs, and fringes. 

Ideally, you should avoid beard because that will make your jaw look wider and your head will look more narrow and pointy. If you want some facial hair then just go with some stubble.

Best Men’s Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Face

You people have a difference in width between the top and bottom of your face which is quite significant. Your forehead is quite prominent and a slightly pointed chin

When choosing a hairstyle for your heart-shaped face, remember to keep balance out the top part of your face with the bottom, so keep your hair proportionate to your features. You should ensure that your chin doesn’t appear too narrow. 

Best Man hairstyle for you is Fringe, Dimensional Quiff but make sure to use a lightweight product to ensure that you are not creating disproportionate angles.

Best Man Haircut For You

Let’s take a quick guide to understand what’s look good on you.

Rectangle: Textured haircuts, Fringe Cuts

Oval: Pompadour, side part or quiff

Square: French Crops and quiffs will, Pompadour with close sides

Diamond: fringe cut or a textured crop cut

Round: French crops, pompadours, quiffs, brush backs, and comb over

Heart: Quiffs, Fringes

Now that you understand a little more about your face structure, you can find the best hairstyles that suit you. Your barber, as always, can provide additional suggestions to you that which haircuts will work for you, but take some suggestions with you for a tailored cut, and get a style that you’ll absolutely love and make you handsome!

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I was bit confuse earlier or, you can say I don’t know much about the boys hair cut but during the lockdown i want to cut my brother hair and I wasn’t aware of the latest hair fashion. At that time your article help us. Thanks 😊

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