Luscious Mango Chocolate Pancakes To Increase Your Craving 3 Times

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Mango Chocolate Pancakes are sure to become a permanent item on your menu after a meal. It’s a very popular American breakfast item and it can be called Pancakes, flapjacks, hotcakes. Actually, it is so yum to have it that you can have it at any time as I do.

If someone asks me why I am always so happy when the Summers are just around the corner, my only answer to him is Mango. When it comes to mangoes, then I become the impatient child who can’t wait for it to arrive. 

We can actually cook so many dishes using mango, and they all are so good in taste that I can’t even tell you. Today I’ve tried Mango Chocolate Pancakes at my home, and It was so yum that I ate half of the plate on my own, and even didn’t like to share it with anyone. Though I am not like that kind of person, I got this feeling today when I had it.

Today I was chit-chatting with my friend Ekta like any other day and discussing some random topics(you know girls’ stuff) so while discussing all that, she introduced me with this recipe and asked me to try this at home and she texted me this recipe with some interesting pics and those pics were enough to increase my craving for this delicious recipe to try. You guys won’t believe, she’s an amazing cook, and the presentation was mind-blowing like she killed it. Anyway, we all are trying something new every day or at least thrice in a week, So I thought to try it out today.

And with this, thought to share it with you all. So What if I can’t share this dish with you, but at least I can make you a part of this by sharing recipes so that you also can feel the same taste, and get the same feeling and experience that I felt. I am sure you will cook much better than me.

We all are quarantined in our homes since so long, and we have made our quarantined life more exciting by spending most of our hours in the kitchen only and experimenting with the available ingredients with us. We all are aware that whatever we have inside is the only and whole for us, and we have to manage in that only, and we are doing that also with gracefully and enjoying this phase.

So today’s recipe is also kind that of and you can easily make with it the basic ingredients that we all have at home. I know it’s lockdown, guys and we don’t have that much stuff at our home because the markets are also closed, and that’s why I’ve brought this recipe for you and you can cook it easily with the basic ingredients only and those who are working from home and doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen can also try this as it will not take much time of yours. 

Mango Chocolate Pancake Recipe

Let’s break the suspense and introduce you with the recipe of the Mango Chocolate Pancake about which I was talking from the beginning.

The best part about this is that it has prepared without Nutella, and it is easy to cook, and If you love food but don’t know much about cooking then also you can try it easily and enjoy the taste of the recipe, and it is healthy also with the taste. What’s more, you can ask for, if you got healthy food, and that too with the taste that you always wanted to have.

Let’s Start Making Our Mango Chocolate Pancake


1) Pancake Mix

2) Cocoa Powder

3) Milk Made/ Condensed Milk

4) Sugar

5) Mango

6) Butter

Alright, Let’s Cook Healthy and Delicious Now!

Recipe for 2 Mango Chocolate Pancakes

1) Prepare a Batter First: In a Large Bowl, Mix 2 Cup Pancake Mix and whisk well with the 1/4 Cup of Water until it becomes thick, and now the batter is ready.

2) For Chocolate Syrup: In a Large Bowl, Take a half-liter of milk and whisk it well with the 4 spoons of Cocoa Powder and 4 spoons of Grinded Sugar, and now your Chocolate Syrup is ready.

Yeahhh Now, Our Base it ready and let’s move forward and cook this.

1) Take the pan and grease it well with the butter over low heat so that we can get the round shape of the Pancake.

2) Now Put the Pancake batter in the pan and steam it for about 15-20 min. Remove from heat and set aside.

3) Now Pour the Chocolate Syrup over the batter and place the chopped mango slices between two pancakes which will make it tastier as it will give you a taste of chocolate mango in each slice.

4) For your taste, you can pour honey as well on it, or sprinkle some gems over it and it will make your dish more presentable.

And Hurrah, We are ready with our Non-Nutella Pancakes and ready to serve it to us as well as our loved ones.

See, So Quick and easy recipe it is. Thanks in Advance because I know you all will gonna love it for sure. It’s a must-try dish. Try it out and share your thoughts with me. If you love oreo then you should also try Nutty Oreo Cake and you will enjoy that too as it comes under the favorite choice of everyone. You can bake this cake easily at your home and can celebrate your loved ones b’day with this yummy cake and can give them a beautiful surprise by baking this cake for them. They will love it for sure.

Thanks, Ekta, for sponsoring this post and for the lovely recipe. For this, I will always be grateful to you. I know that in the future you will come up with more of your stories and recipes that we can share and have at our home. I loved this recipe.

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