9 Best Men’s Beard Style For A Gentleman

Men's Beard

Beard looks so amazing on men’s faces, and it changes the complete personality of the person. Beard is something that can tell many things about a man. Not only there is a manliness associated with the ability to grow a beard or facial hair but, pairing up your beard with your hairstyle is something that makes you look a smart and dashing gentleman. But how would you pair your beard with your hairstyle and how do you know which men’s beard goes with your face cut.

There are ‘n’ numbers of beard styles but it’s up to you that which design suits you ultimately and how handy are you with a beard trimmer. Although men with beards often take immense care of their beard, it’ll all be worth it when the compliments come pouring in.

From knowing the different kinds of beard style to care for a beard, there is much more that you need to know. Let’s move forward and see the best men’s beard style for you and why it’s best for you.

Here are the Best Men’s Beard style

Short Beard Style

Short Beard Style - Men's Beard

Short Beard are simple to trim and easy to grow. These vary from full facial hair to scruff. Your beard can be in good shape and a trendy style if you are using a good trimmer. It is recommended to use top beard shampoo and conditioner for proper care and apply regular balm or oil for styling.

Long Beard Style

Long Beard Style - Men's Beard

Long Beard Style needs much care and grooming. These have been popular and fashionable in recent years. A quality beard condition, the shampoo will help to nourish your skin and hair. If you are growing facial hair for the first time then you might want to consider a complete grooming kit.

Goatee Style

Goatee Style - Men's Beard

With so many goatees varieties, there are so many cool style for every shape and look. From a pure goatee without a mustache to a full goatee to an anchor, try these men’s beard goatee style.

Beard and Moustache Style

Beard and moustache style - Men's Beard

A beard and mustache can be the perfect combination for you. The most popular style starts with thick, full facial hair that is trimmed properly into shape and in a specific design.

Stubble Beard

Stubble Beard Style - Men's Beard

This is not usually chosen by everyone or I can say that everyone doesn’t prefer this style of beard of man but if you are growing your beard for this style then use a good stubble trimmer to style your perfect scruff.

Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard Style - Men's Beard

It comes in a variety of men’s beard styles and how smart these varieties of designs look is really about what flatters your face and make you look dashing.

Professional Beard

Professional Beard - Men's Beard

While in some cases you have to be in a clean-shaven face or other words in a professional beard. This will help you to dominate the meeting and looking like a boss.

Man Bun and Beard

Man Bun and Beard Style - Men's Beard

Another longer length style that’s come in a popular trend a few years ago and opted by the man who wants to keep long hairs and keep this beard style with the bun for the cool look.

Pompadour with Beard

Pampadour with Beard Style - Men's Beard

For a smart men’s style, it can be paired up with a nice beard.

Best Beard Style for you according to your face cut

We’ve seen above the best beard on men but as I said earlier that you have to choose your beard style according to your face cut. Now the question arises here that how do you get to know about your face cut, or how will you measure your face. Well, for that you can refer my another article in which I’ve mentioned the steps which let you know your face cut and then accordingly you can choose your men’s beard style for you.

Let’s see the beard style for all face cuts


Best facial hair:

A beard that makes your face appear fuller, like mutton chops or chinstrap beard. You can also style your beard in a mustache style that breaks up your face vertically such as a horseshoe mustache or a chevron mustache. You can also combine horseshoe mustache and circle beard to add volume to the lower portion of your face.


Best facial hair:

Every hairstyle looks great on you. To make the most of your even proportions, you can go for a short beard with clean lines for definition.


Best facial hair:

Try the style that is shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, such as a goatee or van dyke beard. Don’t opt long, thick beards as this will make your face look rounder.


Best facial hair:

You want a beard that highlights your strong jawline rather than exaggerates. Round out your chin area with a Balbo beard, narrower, softer beard like the circle beard, which gives a length to your chin while accentuates your jaw.


Best facial hair:

To reduce the prominence of your cheekbones, keep the hair on your chin. Try full beard, or the chin strap and mustache combo, Balbo, goatee.


Best facial hair:

By placing hair higher up on your face, you can draw attention away from your chin. Keep short hair on the chin. Try beard stache, a full mustache with a beard that resembles heavy stubble.


Best facial hair:

Go for a thick, long beard, mutton chops, a chin curtain, or extended goatee to create the impression of a full, square jawline.

Let’s sum up everything for you and noted down here the best beard cut according to your face cut:

Heart: Long Beard, Mutton chops, Chin Curtain, Extended Goatee
Triangle: Beard stache, Short Beard
Diamond: Full beard, Chin Strap, and Mustache Combo, Balbo, Goatee
Square: Balbo beard, Narrower, Softer Beard like the Circle Beard
Round: Goatee or Van Dyke Beard
Oval: Short Beard
Oblong: Mutton Chops, Chinstrap Beard, Horseshoe Mustache, Chevron Mustache

I hope that after reading this article, you must be cleared in your mind about choosing the best beard cut for yourself that will goes with your face cut. Along with this, you can also check out the best hairstyle that looks great on you according to your face cut.

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