Easy Cake Recipe – 15 Minutes To Bake The Best Nutty Oreo Cake Homemade

Nutty Oreo Cake


Nutty Oreo Cake on the Menu,

A Biggg Helloooo to my readers and a big big thanks to you guys that you take out your precious time and read my articles and you guys motivate me to bring more to you. I am overwhelmed.

Today the recipe which we are gonna made is a special kinda and I am excited today to bake and share this recipe and experience of mine with you and hopefully you’ll loved it.

Well, When it comes to the cake, then we all need a reason to cake making and have it. And Whoaaa!! today I had that reason to bake this cake. Today I had planned to bake a cake for my Dearest Friend who has turned 24 today, and on this Special Occasion, I thought to do something homemade sort of and therefore I planned to bake cake homemade, and as we all know that birthday is incomplete without cutting the cake.

Well, I was quite nervous before as I’ve never baked a cake before this, and this is the first time I did this, but thankfully I did well, and all this plan worked, and it was so good in taste. All credit goes to lockdown(Kitchen Time Credit) as in lockdown we got some time to do some experiments in Kitchen, and due to that, we got to learn to make some amazing recipes.

This Season is like a roller coaster for us, and it feels like we are in an amusement park where we got to sit on different rides, and who knows how many rides are left to ride on. So, in all of this, the birthday feeling shouldn’t get lost anywhere, and we all should enjoy our small moments and live our lives freely and happily even if life is small to live. So, Cake is the best option to celebrate the birthday and lightens up anyone’s mood.

No store-bought, no Nutella used and I bake this whole cake on my own this time. So I thought, why not share my happiness and this recipe with every one of you so that you guys can also celebrate your loved ones b’day with this joy and excitement.

I know you must be thinking, ‘What If we don’t know how to bake a homemade cake?‘ but not to worry guys as here I am sharing a quick and easy cake recipe with you that you can try at your home even with minimum ingredients and top of that it will not take much time of yours.

Here is the easy cake recipe that you can quickly made at the home :

Nutty Oreo Cake


  • Total Time – 15 min
  • Prep Time – 10 min


  • 12 Oreo cookies
  • 1 teaspoon powdered or finely crushed sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 200 gm Maida Flour
  • Crushed Dry Fruits


How to bake Nutty Oreo Cake

Step 1: Crush Oreo Cookies and prepare the cake batter

In a blender or a grinder, crush the Oreo cookies to a little extent don’t make it a fine powder because it should be crunchy, and of course, the cake should imply its name by taste i.e Oreo. Now, add milk, sugar, baking powder, Maida Fluor, Crushed Dry Fruits, and blend well. Pour the milk quantity in a way that the batter remains dense.

Step 2: Microwave the cake for 4-5 minutes

Take a Microwave compatible bowl and grease it well with butter evenly so that while extracting cake, it will not stick. Pour the batter now into the greased bowl. Microwave it for 4-5 minutes or till a knife inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.

Or, if you don’t have microwave then you can simply bake it using steamer like simply take a utensil and put it over the flame and then put two spoon salt into that utensil and then above that place a stand properly and then place your bowl(in which you’ve pour the batter). Leave it for 15-20 minutes(cover it with a plate) and check it with knife and if knife comes out clean that means your cake is ready.

Step3: Prepare Chocolate Syrup

In a Large Bowl, Take a half-liter of milk and whisk it well with the 4 spoons of Cocoa Powder and 4 spoons of Grinded Sugar, and now our Chocolate Syrup is ready.

Step 4: Make it More Presentable

Now our cake is ready and let’s take it out of the microwave. Let’s make it more presentable now as presentation also matters and with the taste the presentation should also be equally attractive.

For this, do the plating with the chocolate and vanilla scoop ice cream. Last thing to remember i.e the chocolate syrup(that we prepared just now) to be poured over cake and ice cream. Also, if you want it to make more presentable, then you can sprinkle some gems over the cake and also with this place the biscuit or kitkat chocolate over the cake in a beautiful way to make it look more yummy like I’ve placed Kitkat chocolate over my cake. 

You can do your creativity also and also if you want you can add some more ingredients into it according to your taste and choice like I have added more chocolates and gems because the person for whom I am making it is a desert lover, and more fond of sweets and sweetners. So, it’s totally up to you, otherwise this is wonderful like, this was a suggestion only for you.

That’s it, and we are ready with our cake and see it’s so easy cake recipe and so quickly we have baked it.

So Like me, you also can make this day more special by doing some interesting stuff that will add more happiness in your life and why not celebrate this special day with this yummy cake. So, bake this cake for birthday guys with loads of wishes and happiness and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me that how do you like this recipe.

With this, If you are a mango lover then you should try Mango Chocolate Pancake this summer after having meal and you will loved that too for sure. You can easily made mango chocolate pancake at your home with the ingredients available at your home and if you are doing work from home then also you can try as it is easy to bake and it will not take much time of yours.

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