Feeling Depressed, Read Positive aspects of Coronavirus to stay motivated


Coronavirus, Have you heard this name before? Now this name is so trending, or I can say the virus, that it’s been on hitlist now and everyone in this world is scared of it because of the consequences that can happen later in the future. Everyone is looking for the change that can bring everyone’s lifestyle back to the normal mode.

Who has thought a few months back that there will be a time comes that will change everything and will force everyone to get quarantined for more than a few months and will ruin everything for everyone. It has destroyed almost everything and comes like a curse for us that now everyone’s survival is on stake. In my whole life, I’ve never heard from a person that he wants to be found negative, but now it has made possible because of coronavirus.

But we have to think positive or else we’ll get ill and will be a victim of depression. Depression is the biggest enemy of the person that destroys the person slowly. Due to this, we’ve lost many of the popular celebs and stars so we have to try not to think much about it and instead of thinking about the corona, we should think something different like working on our skills or about starting something new that you can do from home. You have to stay positive for yourself as well as your family or else your depression will kill you before corona might or might not does.

It has changed everyone’s life, but as the Great man always said, “There is a reason behind everything!” and I think we all need to believe that. Let’s sit and think about how it has positively changed our lifestyle? Every disadvantage comes with some amount of advantages, and that happens in this case also.

Let’s see the positive impacts of the lockdown that we are having in our country from the past few months.


1) Family Relations got better: We all have a long day hectic schedule that we got no time to share our thoughts with our family and have some time with them. We are so busy in our daily routine, and this has become our lifestyle, and we’ve adjusted ourselves into it. But because of quarantined we got some time to spend with our family and be able to know their little things and do things that make our life lovable, which we have almost forgotten.

2) Got time to develop our skills: We all have daily tasks that we have to perform in a day in the office. Every day the same routine that we used to follow and live our livelihood. But now we got a quite change in our lifestyle, and because we are not bound for any deliveries, we got time to enhance our extra skills and things to do we love and enjoy the most in doing. We performed extra activities at our home, like cooking, household chores, reading novels, etc. We got time for ourselves and were able to enjoy our life the most we can by doing such things.

3) Adopt Culture: The big change that I got to see because of this coronavirus is that we’ve adopted our Indian Culture again, which has almost lost somewhere, and we have forgotten about it. We’ve learned to say hello and shaking hands while meeting someone, and now because of this we’ve again adopted our own culture. If we look at it, then we all must be proud of this as in the world, everyone is accepting our culture and fold hands while meeting someone instead of shaking hands.

4) Environmental Balance: We all are aware of the environmental imbalance that we have in our country. We have polluted resources in which we are surviving, and yearn for healthy air and water. We’ve heard daily on the news channel about the toxicities that are polluting our water and air which is not good for our survival. Our rivers got polluted because of the toxic chemical that has discharged from industries, and 1/10 of the toxicity that we found in the polluted river has come from industries. Now because of the complete lockdown, industries got shut for some time, and this has cleaned the Ganga river, which is good news for us.

5) Power of Self Dependency: As I told you above that the Great Man has said, “Everything happens for a Reason” and this we can say here because, in this difficult time, we all have come together for the betterment of our country and the economy. As we are aware that the lockdown has affected our economy and to rectify this, the Government has decided to use domestic products only so that the money can be circulated within the country. If we look at it in another sense, then we would come to know that this will make our country self-dependent, and we need not depend on other countries for anything. This is good for our survival with the balance of the economy.

Like a coin, everything has two aspects i.e positive and negative, and it is on us to see what we want to see. We all have different styles to live the life and different way to deal with it but what I believe is whatever you do but do it with a pinch of positivity and try to find positive in every situation then this will not only make your life easy but also become a little memorable to live.

Trust me everything will settle down in their places soon. Just hold some patience as you’ve kept and shown till now and stay at your own places wherever you are and take full precautions. That’s all you need to do and nothing much and this small thing will change everything and everything will be normal soon

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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